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Based on over 20 years of expirience, we offer services in the field of health and safety and fire safety for all industries.
We offer, among others, remote training, e-learning training, first aid training and the use of fireprotection equipment.

 We supervise the workplace as part of the tasks of the health and safety service.

 We provide a full range of health and safety and fire protection services. In Polish and English languages.

Fire services

 Test evacuations from facilities

 Maintenance of firefighting equipment

 Securing events, concerts, film production and fire-hazardous works


 Initial and periodic health and safety

 Specialist training

 E-learning training

 EX training courses

 Training - Particularly Dangerous Work

 ADR training courses

 First aid

 First aid for schools and kindergartens

 Fire protection – practically

 Training for forklift drivers

OHS services

 Supervising the workplace as part of the tasks of the health and safety service


 Accident handling

Instructions, plans and procedures

 COVID procedures

 Risk assessment

 Fire safety instructions

 Safety and Health Protection Plan (BiOZ)

 Instructions for Safe Performance of Works (IBWR)

 Workplace instructions, machines and devices

 Fire safety instructions

 Crisis procedures (CBRN, threat of terrorist attack)


An audit in the field of work safety and fire protection is aimed at meeting the legal provisions contained primarily in the Labor Code, but also regulations related to the area of work safety, e.g. Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of September 26, 1997 on general provisions on health and safety at work.

During the OHS audit, we not only verify the compliance of working conditions with the law. We also indicate possible solutions aimed at improving the conditions of health and safety at work.

During the audit, we examine, among others:

 fire protection

 occupational risk assessment

 working environment conditions

 first aid system

 adaptation of positions in the workplace

 adaptation of work processes

 list of particularly dangerous works

 environmental research results

 the presence of harmful, dangerous and nuisance factors

 protocols from the inspection of the building, facility

 fire safety instructions

 test evacuation reports

We have our own firefighting equipment
The equipment is operated by officers, firefighters of the State Fire Service and professional paramedics.
Equipment specification.

 Medium fire-fighting truck DAF - GBA 2/16 with full firefighting equipment - fast attack and auxiliary equipment, 15 m free-standing Minimax ladder, 12 m lighting mast - 4000 W. The car is dedicated to securing fire-hazardous works, film productions, and securing large-area facilities during performing works involving the replacement or maintenance of fire installations in facilities.

 Light rescue and fire-fighting vehicle Dodge RAM-1500 - equipment as above. The vehicle has a 40 bar high-pressure pump module, a water tank (400 l), a foam concentrate and basic rescue equipment + first aid.

 Technical rescue vehicle Peugeot Boxer - has the typical rescue equipment. Lucas cutting equipment, Niagara-2 floating motor pump, Honda slurry pump, Honda 2 KW inverter power generator, first aid kit + Philips FRX defibrillator, Honda GX high-pressure extinguishing units, 400l water tank. powder and snow extinguishers, measuring equipment, 10 m lighting mast.

 P-type emergency ambulance - Renault Trafic + 2 Mercedes Sprinter ambulances (also P-type) - the ambulances are transferred with a team of 2 professional paramedics.

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