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Our trainings
The company cooperates with firefighters, doctors and rescuers. Among other things, thanks to this, we have an offer of professional training for all professional groups.

  We provide a full range of training services in Polish and English languages.

Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety training provides knowledge, thanks to which we can properly respond to a threat, both at work and outside. Our experienced specialists will skillfully provide it.

First aid

First aid is the actions we perform in the event of an accident or sudden attack of a disease. They are aimed at protecting the life and health of the injured person, as well as minimizing the negative consequences of the incident. We provide it before professional medical help is possible.

The first aid courses we provide are in line with the current guidelines of the European Resustitation Council. Classes are conducted by qualified specialists, doctors and paramedics with many years of experience.

Operation of firefighting equipment

We offer professional training in the practical use of handheld firefighting equipment (fire extinguishers, hydrants, modern inert gas extinguishing systems) and training in fire systems in facilities.

The trainings we organize are conducted by experienced fire brigade officers. The trainings have both theoretical and practical elements. In the theoretical part, experts explain how to proceed, and in the practical part, participants learn how to use firefighting equipment. In this way, we gain the opportunity to develop appropriate attitudes in a safe and controlled environment.

Evacuation from the facility

We organize trial evacuations taking into account the specifics of a specific facility. Evacuations are carried out by a team of specialists in the field of fire protection with the use of specialized equipment.

By summarizing and discussing the course of the evacuation, highlighting the specific actions of participants, we draw conclusions that measurably translate into the improvement of the fire safety of the facility.

Road rescue

During the training, our instructors use various types of situational scenes (e.g. car accident, fainting, using AED).

Fire simulations

We conduct realistic fire simulations with training for participants before the exercises.

We prepare appropriate fire extinguishing equipment for the exercises, and we also provide specialist supervision over the simulation.

Our experienced professionals will advise you on everything related to firefighting equipment.

If necessary, we can equip the facility with the recommended fire extinguishing equipment and ensure its proper marking in accordance with the Polish Standard.

Conducting this type of exercise increases employees' awareness of fire hazards and creates reactions that may be crucial in a real emergency.

First aid training for schools and kindergardens

In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of National Education of October 31, 2018 amending the regulation on safety and hygiene in public and private schools and institutions (Journal of Laws 2018, item 2140), the group of people who should undergo training in the provision of the first help. Currently, all employees of the facility must undergo such training.

Our professionals will show you how to act in life or health-threatening situations.

Remote training
Some of our trainings are also carried out in the on-line training formula.

We offer our clients a remote learning platform with training courses in Polish and English.

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