Occupational risk is regarded as the possibility of a worker suffering a particular work-related injury. Occupational risks are associated with causes due to human nature (individual behavior and methodologies in performing work), technical nature (working environment, equipment, tools, machines and materials) or causes outside the workplace (adverse weather conditions or others caused by third parties). 


According to the Labour Code every employer is obligated to:

  • evaluate and document occupational risks associated with work
  • establish operational control procedures for all activities
  • inform workers about risk associated with work
  • inform about existence of emergency/evacuation plans for all facilities


Evaluation of occupational risks should be underteken for any work. We need to remember that evaluation of occupational risk should be undertaken also:


  • while setting up new workplaces
  • in the case of use different protective measures
  • in the case of use other technologies and work methods
  • When accident or fatality occurs at work


Company PROTECTION offers a professional couseling and support in occupational risks evaluation according to law regulations.